While looks are important (my mother was right) its not the only thing that matters. Design is a vehicle to solving multifaceted problems between a customer and vendor.


Patrick’s essay specifically calls out startups, but established companies struggle with this too – which reminds me of Cameron Moll’s classic “Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign" for A List Apart.

The question which we so often have been offered—is the NFL ready for a gay player?—is backwards. Powerful interests are rarely “ready” for change, so much as they are assaulted by it. We refer to barriers being “broken” for a reason. The reason is not because great powers generally like to unbar the gates and hold a picnic in the honor of the previously excluded. The NFL has no moral right to be “ready” for a gay player, which is to say it has no right to discriminate against gay men at its leisure which anyone is bound to respect.